Located in the continent of Asia, Cyprus covers 9,241 square kilometers of land and 10 square kilometers of water, making it the 172nd largest nation in the world with a total area of 9,251 square kilometers. Cyprus offers many key benefits to foreign investors and their dependent family members who are looking for a jurisdiction that offers financial stability, a gateway to Europe and a quality standard of living for their families.


One may easily identify many positive factors in support of investing in Cyprus. The weather is beautiful, with lots of sunshine for the majority of the year. The cost of living is relatively low, as is the taxation rate in comparison to other EU member states. Although Greek is the official language English is the widely spoken in Cyprus. The people are friendly and accommodating and life is laid-back and relaxing. For most people looking to purchase property or live here, the financial and legal aspects of Cyprus law are similar to that of the United Kingdom.

  • Cyprus became an EU member on 01.04.2004
  • Modern banking sector with property lending facilities
  • Freehold property with full ownership
  • Legal system based on English common law
  • Adopted the Euro in 2008
  • Low prices compared to other common ‘sun’ destinations
  • Low cost of living, and low crime rates (Mercer index)
  • Low taxation, one of lowest in EU (from Forbes index)
  • Large infrastructure development - Golf Courses and Marinas
  • UNESCO world Heritage sites