Group Companies

Is the exclusive department to handle the turn key construction, managing and reducing the construction cost without changing in thw high standard quality of the construction, to let the investment give the best GOP for our investors or developers.
Is the department involved in joint venture sector, sales of the projects that we build, as to give support for investors and developers with our huge sales hub in more than 6 countries.
The department involved in lands, feasibility studies and developing a new way of investment and opportunities, architecture, interior design, legality, finance.
After the trust that we got it from our investors regarding the great job in sales that Dex-Tek Constructions done it and still , this department was creating to give more trust and support.
This department is involved in after sales management, project management, documents management.
“If you will not find it with us , we will find it for you”, this is the big tittle, we provide a resale services thru our connections and experience in the Cyprus market.

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