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Our Company has successfully been constructing on the island since 2017, and has built up a portfolio of very impressive projects in the field of Investment developing. Our aim is to continually improve and to grow in response to the property market demand. We endeavor to identify exclusive, locations for our projects and generate the best value for our developments. Our first completed project is Park View Residence, located in the Drosia area of Larnaca.

Since then, we have gone from strength to strength completing T3 Sunrise, Yuro and Majestic Residence with another eight projects currently underway. One of these is located in Nicosia, thus expanding our circle of business even wider and establishing our Company more solidly in the field. Our team is made up of professional, dedicated and caring individuals who are determined to offer a quality of service from the very first introduction to our Company right up until delivery of your property and beyond.

A class contractors
24/7 customer service
Integrating to the smallest details to reach the highest levels.

The philosophy of the company is the provision of integrated quality services in the fields of construction and real estate development, the improvement of its activities, through the continuous investment in capital equipment, new technologies and the continuous training of its human resources, with the sole aim of as much as possible to meet the needs of its customers.

She belongs to category B class B experience according to the ratings of the Board of Contributors and is a member of the Federation of Building Contractors Associations (OSEOK) - a full member of OEB, member of Famagusta Building Contractors Association.

It has gained very good reputation and its name has been associated with quality combined with good prices. It also combines modern architecture with high aesthetics for excellent and ergonomic apartments and residences. In consultation with customers, energy saving and renewable energy systems such as geothermal energy and photovoltaic energy class A are being promoted.

It is made up of highly specialized, scientific and technical staff and is able to execute and support high quality projects using always the best machinery and materials.

  • Marios Karekla have created a new concept of business and real estate construction and development.
  • He established Dex-Tek constructions LTD and today Dex-Tek is a group, a group of companies to provide A to Z services in real estate.


To continually exceed clients' expectations by providing high-value property developments focused around unique lifestyle concepts whilst offering first class quality and service.


To sustain the first class leadership in the field of innovation and design of property development with a total commitment to product quality and client satisfaction.

Company Profile

  • 2016 Was the beginning of new generation
  • The 2016 was the new start of Dex-Tek with fresh minds and creative persons.
  • Marios Karekla have created a new concept of business and real estate construction and development.
  • He established Dex-tek constructions LTD and today Dex-Tek is a group of companies.
  • Dex-tek Constructions , Dex-tek Contractors, Dex-Tek Management,
  • Dex-Tek Development all are under the big identity of Dex-Tek Group./li>


  • Dasreef Parkview Residence, Larnaca — 2018
  • T3 Sunrise, Larnaca 2018

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