Cyprus, well-known for its warm, welcoming and welcoming people, provides a complete value proposition. Small in size, with a highly-educated workforce. Cyprus offers expert financial, legal, technical and management services at economical rates, making it a distinctively attractive destination for foreign investors. Cyprus is rated as the 3rd most populous island and the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean. The official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish, but English is also widely spoken in the streets of Cyprus.

Cyprus’s economy is said to be a high – income economy with very high Human Development Index. Cyprus relishes a prosperous and a diversified economy. Key contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Cyprus are theProperty Rental market, Shipping industry, service sector and the Tourism sector. Recently Gas and Oil have been discovered in Aphrodite, Cyprus and hopefully, it would become the major contributor to the economy of Cyprus in no distant time. International investors have started positioning their businesses in Cyprus so as to leverage of the emerging oil and gas industry.

During the past year, there has been substantial increase in investment interest, appearing to international investors’ appreciation of the financial immovability and vast opportunities Cyprus offers. The progressively increasing interest from foreign investors, from all industry segments, strengthens Cyprus’ position as an striking and high-quality investment location, reminding everyone that Cyprus has journeyed far along the path to a optimistic and flourishing future. The country is moving into a new era, reforming its economy and creating an enhanced and more assorted economic model which will be more compact, resilient and flexible, allowing for maintainable growth and mutual success.


Transportation Business: Transport division in Cyprus is open for private investors. If you are thinking of starting a business in Cyprus, then you should consider starting your own transport business.You can specialize in road transportation or water transportation or even both if you have the capability.

Clearing & Forwarding Business: The shipping sector of the Cyprus is indeed a vibrant industry and import is a common feature in the industry. Clearing & Forwarding business in Cyprus is a very profitable venture because of its bulk imports.

Construction Company: This business enjoys a semi support from Government of Cyprus. If you are looking towards investing big time in Cyprus, then you should consider establishing your own construction company.

Educational Consultancy Services: If you are looking in the line of founding a service based business in Cyprus, then you should consider starting your own Education Consultancy Services. Cyprus can boast of having some of the best Universities in the world and the good thing about most universities in Cyprus is that students are taught in English language thereby making it one of the destinations for international students.

Insurance Brokerage Firm: It is a thriving business in Cyprus if you are a trained insurance practitioner. Sports Club or a Shop: If you have the capital to acquire large landed properties in Cyprus, then you should consider building a shop or a sports club. If you run this kind of business properly, you have no problem generating profits for maintenance, plus you would have enough money for savings.